Our Design Approach

We are one-stop shop for your entire project, from the design to construction. We will design your project matching your needs and style, while working within your budget. There are three main components to planning a renovation project: function, style, and cost. Careful consideration of these components early in the design process will help to ensure that you get what you want.

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It is our job to integrate your ideas and the space available, and create a project floor plan that best suits your need. Whether your space is large or small we will create a tailored solution to get the most out of your project.


Most people are living with outdated bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re not yet sure what style you’re looking for, start by looking through some of the photographs on this site, clipping pictures from home design magazines, or taking photos of kitchens or baths you love. Thinking about what overall style you want will help with material selection.


​The budget should be identified early in the project, with the design tailored to meet that budget. We can help you to select materials that fit your budget, get the very best price for them, and help you decide where to save money and where to splurge.